The Religion Card and the Cowardice of the West

This article is part of a series covering the cowardice of the West. In this part, I will cover but one of the many reasons the West refuses to take action against Islam (and its other enemies). It refuses to do so because Islam is a religion, and it does not wish to accept the validity of challenging religion. That has implications the West is profoundly uncomfortable with, and which I will touch briefly upon these issues here. I can say much more on this. I will likely return to this topic.

An Alien Analogy

Imagine some alien-worshipping death cult took over a country in the Middle East. The cult suppresses the freedom of its citizens. The cult did not allow its citizens freedom of speech. This barbaric nation murdered any citizen brave enough to speak up against the alien-worshipping death cult.

Imagine the death cult treated women as little more than sex slaves. The cult established laws permitting their husbands to beat and rape their wives. Such is the will of the cult’s alien master, Xinu.

Xinuist priests demand of the followers the savage murder of all infidels. They are to wage war against them. They are to wage holy war against infidel nations. Infidel women and children are to be used as human shields to protect Xinuisits in war. The lives of infidels are worth nothing.

Imagine Xinuism conquered most of the Middle East. Xinuist nations routinely sponsor acts of terrorism. If you were to examine the budget of these nations, you could find “terrorism” listed openly in the budget of some of these states.

Would America and the West be willing to accept any assertion that the Xinuists are respectable humans? Would they be willing to consider them to be peaceful people? Or would it be clear that Xinuism is a savage death cult?

It would be very obvious to most that the Xinuists are savages. Many, if not most, would much more readily condemn the Xinuists as oppressive savages. Look at the crazy cult with its oppressive aliens! Nobody could support such a crazy cult! Right?

Alien Cults and God Cults are Both Religions

An essential aspect of religion is the worship of supernatural entities or powers. That does not need to be a god. It can be any being with magical powers. Scientology and the Aetherius Society are examples of UFO cults with worship centered on alien supernatural beings with powers.

If I present Xinuism as an alien death cult, it is clearly irrational and dangerous. Most people would have little trouble recognizing this. However, it is still obvious if you replace Xinu with Allah. The worship of gods is at least as irrational as worshipping aliens.

However, most people will give Islam a free pass because it is a traditional Abrahamic religion. They do not subject it to moral judgment. If it were an alien death cult, they would rightfully condemn it for its savage ideology. Most people do not consider alien-worshipping cults to be religions. But if it instead worships a god in man’s image, many will spare it moral condemnation.

Religion and It’s Free Pass

Such is the evil free pass given to traditional religions. All too many in the West spare them from moral condemnation. They are not to be hated. We must not hate religion. Why not? If the West were to condemn Islam as irrational, it would need to condemn Christianity as irrational.

Suppose the West was to accept that Islam had no foundation for its barbarism. It would have to face the fact that Christianity has no foundation for anything it preaches. It does not wish to accept the fact that other religions are irrational.

Combat in name of religion during the Crusades.
Modern Christianity might be somewhat less barbaric than Hamas. However, Christianity has a history of savage barbarism. We must not forget that.

The West would have to consider whether Christianity and Christian ideas are also irrational. But the West does not wish to question Christianity. All too many do not wish to face the uncomfortable fact that Christianity has a history of savage barbarism. The West has restrained Christianity for the time being. However, it would be easy for Christianity become the savage beast it once was. All it would take is for the West to loosen the bounds of Western civlization holding it back. How many Christians wish to face this uncomfortable reality? Not many, I would wager.

The West would have to face that the altruism embedded in its moral foundations lacks basis. It does not want to do that. Altruism is rooted deep within Western morality. Uprooting altruism would require a significant rework of Western moral philosophy. The Western world has not considered alternatives to altruism. The West does not wish to face a moral landscape without it.

The Western World will not allow itself to challenge other religions. Altruism tells them it would be unjust. But they dare not challenge the validity of religion out of fear of the consequences.

We must not hate those who follow dangerous religions, such as Islam. Some have faith in the wrong ideas. It is not their fault. We must not punish them for following their hearts. Are we not told these things all the time?

Religion is the Problem

However, they have no reason to accept any of it. Faith is, by definition, the blind acceptance of things for no reason. If you accept anything in any religion, you do it for no reason. Why? Because religions are faith-based and offer no evidence for anything they say. That is true of every religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Scientology.

But here is the thing: faith is a part of the problem. The problem is not that they have accepted irrational ideas. They are acting on them. We must punish them for their ideas. We must punish them for their religious ideas. I recognize it is a profoundly uncomfortable notion for the all-too-religious and altruistic West. It might seem wrong to punish them for their ideas. But that is what we must do.

The tenets of Islam, and many other ideas, are evil. Irrational ideas must not receive a free pass for any reason. Evil ideas must not be allowed to hide behind the skirts of religion. Piety is not an excuse for evil and irrationality. Evil is not forgivable because you are sincerely delusional.

Faith is irrational, and it shows your evil is based not on rationality. It means you have walked blindly and stupidly into evil. Faith is not an excuse for evil. Religiosity is not an excuse for evil. It makes the embrace of evil less excusable.

The barbarism of Islam is one of the evilest ideologies you will find. That it has no basis in reality and serves no worldly purpose makes its evil worse, if such is possible. However, it is already abundantly clear that Islam’s barbarism could not serve any such purpose.

It is necessary to destroy any state that wishes to use Islam, or any evil ideology, as an excuse to sponsor terrorism or start wars. There can be no excuse, no weakness, and no delay. The time to fight is now and not tomorrow.

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