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Short Bio

I am Dwayne Davies, also known as “The Rational Metaphysician”. I am a passionate scholar on a great many topics. I am an experienced blogger, podcaster and champion for rationality and the truth!

I love writing and I hope you will love my writing. If you are passionate about science, technology, or the truth, then you should find something that you are interested in!

I love debunking many things such as homeopathy, economic fallacies and Musk. I also love writing about the philosophy of science.

More Details

I have done extensive study in computer science, mathematics, physics, philosophy, both cephalopod and mollusc biology and religions (focusing on Christianity, Islam and Scientology). I also study military history, economics, non-cephalopod, biology and much more. I hold no degrees in any of these things, but I did study some of them in college and I am extensively self-educated on them all.

I love a good debate/discussion on the many things I am interested in. If you would like to interview or debate me on the topics above, or anything else, we can discuss it. Contact me at dwayne@dwaynedavies.com

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