Welcome to the blog of the nonfiction lecturer, writer Dwayne Davies, aka “The Rational Metaphysician”. I am devoted to advocating rationality. I write articles on lots of subjects including but not limited to philosophy, science, technology, physics and economics and more! Whatever the subject, you will find yourself enthralled or challenged by the ideas!

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Audio Lectures

I am currently creating my first lectures! I am creating two audio lectures: “The Possible and the Impossible” and “Nuclear Now: The Incredible Safety of Nuclear Energy.”

The “The Possible and the Impossible” will be a freely available sample lecture. “Nuclear Now” will be available for a price of between $5 and $10, depending on its final length.

Both lectures will be AI-narrated. I wrote the content. However, I had AI narrate it. I think it sounds pretty good. We will see if you agree!


  • An Open Letter to Supporters of Palestine and Hamas - The following open letter is a response to the Hamas attack on Israel on the 7th of October, 2023. The letter is to the degenerates in the West and elsewhere who would dare to support the Palestinians and Hamas in their brutal attack on Israel.


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