An Open Letter to Supporters of the Palestine and Hamas

The following open letter is a response to the Hamas attack on Israel carried out on the 7th of October, 2023. The letter is to the degenerates in the West and elsewhere who would dare to support the Palestinians and Hamas in their brutal attack on Israel.

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The flag of Israel, the only sea of light in  ocean of darkness.

Without any further ado, here is the open letter.

To all supporters of Palestinians and Hamas in the West and elsewhere:

Most Palestinians support Hamas. Hamas represents the will of most of the Palestinian people. Hamas represents their Islamic ideology. The Palestinians elected them into power. The Palestinians elected them into power because of what Hamas stood for and still stands for. They stand by the ideology of Hamas. They agree with the ideas espoused by Hamas.

Hamas is not an ideology forced on the Palestinian people. It represents what a large portion, if not the majority, of the Palestinian people want. Hamas is, with relatively few exceptions, the will of the Palestinian people. Stop pretending that the Palestinians do not support Hamas. Stop pretending they do not share the values and ideologies of Hamas. A cursory study of the facts reveals that a majority of them do.

So, what is Hamas? It is a militant group of barbaric savages. They wish to impose the will of a genocidal, pedophilic, rapist prophet upon the world. They are a fundamentalist “Islamic Resistance Movement.” What does that mean for you?

If you do not hold faith in Islam, they will murder you. You may not be Christian, Jewish, or anything else. Your choices are Islam or death. If you oppose them, they will brutally murder you. 

If you do not believe me, then look to Israel. Did you watch the innocent Israelis as Hamas murdered them in their homes and dragged them out onto the streets? For what crime? For their nonbelief in Islam.

If you still do not believe me, let us turn to the Quran and see what it has to say:

I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore, strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” – Quran 8:12.

No reasonable person can misinterpret this verse. It is a direct call to butcher nonbelievers. Make all the excuses you like. You can pretend it is not literal. You can pretend that Hamas does not take it literally. But their violence in Israel is proving that they take such verses literally. Islam demands extreme violence against nonbelievers.  

Islam condemns believers who do not engage in violence against nonbelievers. They are of lower moral character:

Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame, etc.), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home). Unto each, Allah has promised good (Paradise), but Allah has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward.“ – Quran 4:89

You can pretend Hamas does not glorify murder and destruction. However, that defies Islamic doctrine. Islam glorifies the brutal massacre of nonbelievers. It holds those who do not engage in it as lesser, as morally inferior. In the eyes of Islam, in the eyes of Hamas, it is a badge of honor to kill nonbelievers.

Women are the property of men, according to Islam. Doctrine regards them as sex slaves. Women are to conceal their bodies and be ashamed of their sexuality. They are to be beaten and abused at the will of their husbands.

Do not believe me? Look to Iran and other Middle Eastern nations. Witness how women must cover themselves in public. Women must hide their bodies in shame. Women must be ashamed of their sexuality.

Consider that the Quran and the Hadiths both condone violence against women. Wife-beating has been an accepted part of Islamic law since its inception. Nearly 90 percent of women in Afghanistan suffer domestic abuse. In Iran, it is 66%. In Jordan, 91% of university students polled supported violence against women. These numbers are horrific. Try to tell me they are not so high because Islamic culture does not demand violence against women.

Everyone must submit to the will of Allah and the clergy, regardless of their desires. Your life is constant prostration to Allah. You belong to Allah. Your life is not your own. You must not question the will of Allah and his clergy. They will not allow democracy. Tyranny is the norm in Islamic countries. 

Do not believe me? How much freedom exists in Iran and other Islamic states? Are its people permitted much freedom to question the will of Islamic authorities? No. What price do dissents pay for the crime of defying the will of their theocratic rulers?  

Doctrine, in this case, the Quran, demands blind obedience to Allah and the clergy:

“It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision.” – Quran 33:36

Your comfortable lifestyle is a curse and will not be permitted. Do not expect your Muslim masters to tolerate your desires for your “indulgent” way of life. Do not expect them to allow you to be free. There is to be no freedom, economic, social, or otherwise. You are the slave of Allah and the clergy. Freedom is a threat to Allah. It must not be permitted to exist.

Do not believe me? Islamic theology includes the concept of Four Enemies of the Self – Dunya, Hawa, Nafs, and Shaytan. Dunya, the material, physical world. Hawa, the pleasures and desires of the physical world. Nafs pertain to the ego and its desires. And finally, the allurement of Shaytan (Satan) and how he plays with the body.

So, we see Islam condemns the physical world. It condemns worldly pleasures. It rejects whatever pleasures you might derive from it. These are dangerous enemies to your spiritual fulfillment. Do not take pleasure in these material values. 

Let me spell this out for you. Do not take pleasure in your shopping malls. You must not take pleasure in sex. You are not to take pleasure in your SUV or your big house. These are Earthly, material things. According to Islam, their enjoyment endangers your soul.

What if you disagree with the will of Allah? There is no choice. Allah wishes to impose it upon the world. If you dare to oppose it, Hamas and its spiritual kin will brutally massacre you, just as they massacre those in Israel who do not want this.

Do not think Hamas wants to subjugate Israel alone. They want to conquer the West. The Hamas Charter clarifies that it is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. That is a global organization with global ambitions for Islamic rule.

Suppose Hamas, Hezbollah, and their allies were to destroy Israel. Will they would stop there? No. Their goal goes far beyond Israel’s destruction. 

They wish to impose Islamic rule upon the entire world, not merely Israel. If given a chance, they will butcher you and your loved ones if you do not bend your knee to them and their murderous prophet. Your solidarity and your support now will not save you. If given a chance, they would butcher you without mercy.

Do not cry ignorance. It was simple to learn this by paying attention to Hamas. You could have read the Quran. There is no excuse. You could have learned all of this and more. Ignorance is no excuse. That is especially true after the world was shaken to the core by the attacks on 9/11. You refused to know. You refused to see evil for what it was. Instead, you condemned the good for being the good and confronting evil.

Do not tell me they may practice whatever religion they want and that we must accept this. They can believe whatever nonsense they wish. The moment they attempt to convert anyone at the point of a sword, they have crossed the line into barbarism. They have no right to practice barbarism. They have no right to implement the barbarism that is Islamic fundamentalism.

It is not a matter of religious intolerance. These people are free to believe whatever they want to. They can attempt to convince others to join Islam if they wish. However, if they replace the tongue with the sword, they have forfeited the right to be considered reasonable or human. 

Do not pretend the Palestinians are morally equivalent to or superior to the Israelis. To equate Islamic savages with civilized people is an act of profound dishonesty. It is to confess that you have brutally smashed your moral compass under the heel of your irrationality. There can be no moral equivalence between barbarians and civilized people. The Israeli people must not allow themselves to suffer destruction by barbarians with no justifiable claim on their land or lives. Only those without a conscience could pretend otherwise.

Hamas are cowards. You think they are brave warriors fighting for the freedom of their people. No, they are not. This conflict has never been about that. If they wanted peace, they could have had that decades ago. This conflict is about the hatred of Israel and the Jews. And the desire to impose Islam on that part of the Middle East.

Brave warriors do not massacre men, women, and children to spread their religion. That is how cowards act. If they were brave, they would learn to speak well and pick up the pen. They would try to convince non-Muslims that Islam is worthy of devotion. If Islam is worthy of devotion, they could prove that with reason. They would put their ideas out there. Instead, they convert people with the scimitar.

Why is that? Is it because Islam has no merit? Is it because Islam is a religion of no value to rational people? Might it be because no argument supports Islam? Is it because Islam has nothing to offer? Yes. That is why Islam demands murderous, terroristic conversion. It has nothing to offer. It has no arguments to offer any reasonable person. That leaves one option for conversion: conversion by terror.

Hamas and all such militant groups are a bunch of cowards. They lack the moral conviction to convert reasonable people by any means other than by the sword or bomb. And they know it. So, they resort to the slaughter of innocents. 

If they hear these words, they may declare jihad against me. That proves my point. Rather than engage me with reason, they would rather kill me. They fear my hurtful words. They fear those of any critics. Reason hurts them. They are putrid slugs, dissolved by the salt of reason.

These are the cowardly barbarians you support. They are your intellectual and spiritual allies. You have become intellectual barbarians, supporting the destruction of the Western World. You enable the brutal Islamization of the Western World.

Ask yourself: is this any better than the barbarians going from door-to-door butchering people in Israel? You have enabled this. You have made this possible. Their blood is on your hands. This barbarism is your barbarism. Your intellectual barbarism made this possible. You are a barbarian. You have blood on your hands.

How, you ask? You have spent several decades providing moral sanction to Islam and its murderous savages. You demanded that the leaders of the West and Israel stand prostrate as Islamic fundamentalists sought to sharpen their swords. In addition, you did not cry out when they cut the throats of thousands in America. You do not cry out as they cut the throats of thousands more in Israel. You demand silence and inaction in the face of savagery. Pacificism is what you have been demanding of Israel and Western leaders. This barbarism is the result.

You are a monster. I hope your life knows a tiny fraction of the misery you have inflicted upon your victims. Perhaps you will get a small taste of that someday. There is no Hell after you die. I hope you live in a Hell on Earth of your own making. I will not pity you.

Perhaps one day they will come for you. Should I shed a tear for you? On that day, I will say you asked for it. You had it coming. That is what you asked for. You were too foolish to realize it. I shall shed no tears for those who open the gates for the barbarians and then cry when they rampage through their house. 

Pity for the guilty is treason towards the innocent. Can there be any greater treason than degenerates in civilized nations asking for barbarians to set fire to civilized innocents? It is hard to imagine. 

May you know the worst misery and unrest.

Sincerely, with abiding and sincere loathing,

Dwayne Davies

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